Compensation Claims

Compensation lawsuits are civil lawsuits brought by a person claiming to have been harmed by another person or an organisation. These lawsuits are especially common in cases such as traffic accidents, work accidents or health services.

The main purpose of compensation lawsuits is to provide justice to the injured person and to compensate the damage suffered. The injured person demands compensation from the person or organisation that caused the damage through the lawsuit process. Depending on the nature and degree of the damage, this compensation may include elements such as moral suffering, psychological trauma or loss of reputation, as well as material losses.

In compensation cases, two types of compensation can be claimed: pecuniary and non-pecuniary compensation. Material compensation aims to compensate the material losses of the injured person. Moral compensation, on the other hand, covers emotional elements such as psychological pain, loss of reputation or trauma experienced.

Compensation cases are of great importance in terms of ensuring justice and maintaining order in society. While these lawsuits protect the rights of the injured persons, they also ensure that those who cause damage assume their responsibilities.

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