Property Purchase-Sale Transactions

Today, many transactions and processes include legal details and must be carried out in accordance with legal regulations. It is important to take the right steps in matters such as purchase and sale agreements, land registrations, tax and other official obligations. At this point, legal counselling services provide the necessary protection and guidance to individuals and institutions.

Legal counselling services aim to prevent or solve legal problems by providing clients with information, advice and guidance on legal issues. Here are some important areas of legal counselling services:

Purchase and Sale Agreements:

Drafting and reviewing purchase and sale agreements to ensure that transactions between buyer and seller are legal and fair.

Land Registry and Real Estate Transactions:

Providing consultancy for the accurate and reliable registration of title deeds and protection of property rights during the purchase or sale of real estate.

These services are necessary to ensure security and compliance, reduce legal risks, prevent or resolve legal conflicts.

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